How it works


Key steps

1. Complete and submit the questionnaire
Fill out all required fields and send for verification by email

2. Wait for approval and print the questionnaire
Print out the completed questionnaire upon receipt of approval via email

3. Sign it and attach necessary documents
Send the questionnaire in hard copy and evolve together with VTB!


— Side menu allows to switch between sections of the questionnaire, the active section is highlighted in blue
— Numbers on the right indicate the number of completed fields
— If all the fields in the section are filled, a check mark will appear instead of numbers

Data saving

— We can’t store information online yet, so manual data saving on your computer is required
— To save data to a file, click the button at the bottom
— The file can be uploaded to the site, and filling process can be continued from where you left off

Data uploading

— If you have a partially completed questionnaire, upload the file using the button at the bottom and continue filling
— The questionnaire will open in the first blank field

Document saving

— When all required fields are filled in, you can download the document in word format
— Send the saved file for verification to

Proceed to questionnaire

You have completed the training

Proceed to questionnaire